The Genesis (2017)

Film stills from The Genesis

Original Title:     The Genesis
Format:             15fps, ProRes, H264
Sound:              Stereo
Process:            Black & White
Resolution:        16:9, HD, 1920x1080
Runtime:            3min 32sec
Country:            South Korea

Full version of The Genesis

Director : Chaerin Im
Animation : Chaerin Im
Compositing : Chaerin Im
Editing : Chaerin Im
Music & Sound Design : Byeongseon Mun
Sound Mix : Byeongseon Mun

Drawing on paper, Colored pencil and pen, Photography

An Eastern/Feminine reinterpretation of the 7 days of creation.

An Eastern and Feminine reinterpretation of the 7days of creation through tattoo, a primeval art itself.

Graduation film for Visual Communication Design BFA, Seoul National University, South Korea
Poster for The Genesis

Festival Screenings

3rd DUBLIN FEMINIST FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Dublin, Ireland)
November 19, 2017

2nd UNDEPENDENCE FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Edinburgh, UK)
APRIL 19, 2018

4th BLACKBIRD FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Cortland, USA)
APRIL 20, 2018