Mythical Sea Monsters (2016)

Pictures of the Mythical Sea Monsters poster series

An illustration poster project researching various sea monsters and reinterpreting it into a new form by two types of illustration, one brush pen illustration and the other aquatint-print. It consists of images and texts
about 17 mythical sea monsters from different countries with unique characteristics and backgrounds.  

Artist's note
In ancient times, before science and geography have risen upon human mind, the sea was a pitch–black mystery. It was the sailor’s imagination, terror, fear, superstition that filled the ocean’s black mystery. Unexplained phenomenons such as the whirlpools, storms, terrific waves were understood as the act of malicious sea demon and monsters. These manmade imaginary terrors became myths and folklores, a lasting legacy. Although we no longer believe in the stories of sea monsters, these imaginary creatures give a glimpse of our ancestors’ awareness of the ocean.The chapter is divided into four categories:

Water-sprites of the sea
Deity of the sea
Animal-monsters of the sea
Natural Phenomenons of the sea

Wish this project gives a glance of the vast imagination and terrors that once were arisen by the ocean.

Picture of the Yacumama poster

Water-sprites of the sea

In early days of mankind, the existence of sea dwellers living underwater was believed to be true. These creatures were told to have attributes, varied features resembling land animals and human as well. From the beautiful mermaids to the ugly kappas, the appearance and traits of water-sprites vary. However they were all considered as the link between godlike deities and ordinary creatures of the sea.

Featured sea monsters
Qalupalik / Ningyo / Vodyanoy / Ahuizotl / Melusine

 Poster of Qalupalik (Front), (Back)

Poster of Ningyo (Front), (Back)

Poster of Vodyanoy (Front), (Back)

Poster of Melusine  (Front), (Back)

Poster of Ahuizotl  (Front), (Back)